Delaware: Autism Diagnosis, Assessment and Treatment

Continuum Autism Spectrum Alliance serves Delaware and the surrounding regions.   During the assessment process, each child receives a comprehensive functional assessment that identifies core deficits and problem behaviors that may be interfering with the child’s ability to learn and participate in daily life at home, school and in the community.  Every child’s program is individualized to meet his or her needs, learning style and guided by what is developmentally expected.

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Allison Lovering Iwata, M.S. BCBA

Clinical Director


Allison Lovering Iwata is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst who received her Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Idaho State University in 2008. From 2010 – 2013 she worked as a Behavioral Specialist for the Florida Department of Corrections and was a member of the team who designed and implemented the first ABA based behavior management unit for inmates engaging in violent problem behaviors. In 2013 she joined Kids on the Move’s Autism Center as the first ABA Consultant. In this position she helped to start the Autism Center, growing the client base from 4 to over 60 and the staff base from 7 to over 40. In 2015 she stepped into the role of Clinical Supervisor of the Autism Center and began providing BCBA Supervision to staff who were pursuing their BCBA certificates. She has served on the Utah Autism Coalition and was a member of the Utah Association for Behavior Analysis. Allison has published research on a variety of different topics throughout her career and has written two self-help books. Allison’s clinical interests include language acquisition, functional skills training, social skills training, and behavior reduction. She also has a passion for supervision and enjoys providing clinical supervision to RBT staff as well as those pursuing their BCBA certificates. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, hiking, reading and discovering new music.


Courtney Matthews, M.S.

Licensed Behavior Specialist Consultant